CannaQMS provides a best practice end-to-end audit management application, connecting all internal and external parties in one complete application. CannaQMS also provides secure and limited access to suppliers and other partners, enabling them to respond directly to audit findings and reducing manual and redundant efforts.


CannaQMS's change control solution effectively manages all product and process changes in one complete, easy-to-use application. Capture change requests from across the business and engage the right subject matter experts in the impact assessment all in one place.


CannaQMS's complaint management solution enables organizations to quickly and accurately process complaints coming from their most valuable assets – customers. Through this complete quality application, complaints can be linked to product data and related QMS processes, like CAPA, ensuring comprehensive issue resolution and completion of corrective actions.


CannaQMS's document control solution enables employees and partners to author, collaboratively review, approve, and release documents. An efficient document control process is an essential part of compliance requirements in regulated industries subject to GxP and ISO standards. CannaQMS document control allows users to easily and securely access the most current version of any document and automatically collects audit trail information. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office Online allows for real-time collaborative authoring, reducing review cycles and implementing changes faster.


CannaQMS's document training management enables employees to complete training and maintain training records in accordance with internal policies and external regulations and standards. Automated assignments, reminders, and escalation features ensure that employees are always up to date with training requirements, eliminating manual administrative efforts.


CannaQMS's supplier quality management (SQM) solution can transform your supplier relationships into partnerships dedicated to improving quality, ensuring ongoing compliance, and reducing risk. CannaQMS facilitates this shift by enabling all parties, internal or external, to work together through supplier certifications, audits, corrective actions, and performance monitoring on the same application.